Alhambra Print with Worldwide Shipping

My Alhambra Print – Star Guest at a Party Down Under!

A couple of weeks ago someone contacted me via my Etsy shop about wanting one of my Alhambra prints for a party they were having the following week. The only tiny hurdle was they were in Australia and I’m in Spain… However, I upgraded the shipping to Express with a 4-6 day delivery estimate to Australia, got the print sent out the same day they ordered it and prayed for a swift and safe journey. I then got a message a week or so ago saying it had arrived in time for the party and they’d got lots of compliments from their guests on their Alhambra print!

It really makes my day when happy customers take the time to write to me. It only happens on rare occasions but one of the best bits of my job is hearing where my art is and what it’s getting up to once it leaves me and begins a new life elsewhere. How fun to think of my Alhambra print hanging out on the other side of the world enjoying cocktails and canapes, champagne, afternoon tea, or maybe just beer straight from the bottle and a pool party on a hot summer’s day. ¡Salud!

Alhambra print