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A commission is when you employ me to make an original artwork just for you. Normally when you buy a piece of art you’re buying something the artist has already made. When you commission me to produce a piece of art for you it’s created because of and especially for you.

Why Commission Art?

People commission art for a variety of personal reasons but the one thing they all have in common is that they want something unique. The key word here is “special!” Here are some examples of why you might decide to have a piece of art made just for you:

As a reminder of a special place and the times you spent there.

This could be somewhere you studied abroad, a wonderful holiday destination, a beloved place of study or work, where you grew up, a happy home, the list goes on!

To celebrate a special occasion.

This could be a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary, a graduation or another of life’s milestones.

To mark an important show of fortitude and courage in life.

Perhaps for yourself or a loved one who is battling or has successfully overcome an illness or other hardship.

As a special gift for a loved one.

Commissions make wonderful gifts, whether for a big occasion or just because, it’s such a personal and thoughtful way to show someone how much they mean to you.

How Do Commissions Work?

Due to the personal nature of commissions the exact process varies according to the particular client. However, the general workflow remains about the same.

Step 1: Contact & Commission

  • You look at my work, love my style and decide you want me to make something just for you.
  • You get in touch with me explaining your idea to see if it’s something a) I’d like to do and b) am able to do. The more information you give me the better!
  • I get back to you. If I think I’m a good choice for what you want then we discuss details such as size, materials, colours, style, subject matter, timescale, deadline, price, payment method, delivery method and more! The objective here is to see if we’re a good fit creatively and practically before moving on with the project.
  • If we agree on all the details and are both happy to work together then we finalise everything and I invoice you for the work. Payment for commissions is 100% up front before I start work.

Step 2: Creation & Completion

  • I start working on your artwork on the agreed start date.
  • I send you regular updates so you can see how it’s developing and give me feedback at every stage.
  • I finish the artwork and send you photos.
  • I wrap and send/give you the artwork along with its certificate of authenticity.

Important Points

Realistic Expectations

Are you looking for artwork of a building, scape, view or scene? Have you looked at different examples of my work? Do you love love love my style? Do you want me to make something similar for you? Great! Do you want a realistic oil painting of your great-aunt Gertrude with Rover the dog? Then I’m not the right choice for you! It is so important for you to have a realistic expectation of what I can do when you commission a painting. I would hate you to be disappointed! That’s why we run over all the details before we agree to work together but it also helps me a lot if you do your research first and check out my work so you know it’s definitely me you want for the job.

Two-Way Trust

The success of a commission all hinges on the narrow middle-ground in which you and I meet, a little bit like an artistic Venn diagram! It’s important that you respect my creative instincts and give me freedom to create, while I strive to adapt as much as possible to your preferences and ideas. It is very much a relationship of trust and communication is key in order to keep us happily bobbing about in the overlapping middle rather than swimming around like lonely goldfish each in our own pool. This is why I send you regular updates of my progress, and also why I need you to be easily contactable and reply promptly so I can move on to the next stage or make timely adjustments.

Sound Good?

Have a look at my portfolio to get an idea of my style and see if you’d like me to work on something just for you.