Hello! Some of you may know that back in November I set up an exhibition A Walk Around Granada / Un Paseo por Granada featuring some of my artwork inspired by Granada in D’etí cafe in the centre of Granada. In case you missed it you can see some photos and read about the exhibition opening night here.

How time flies! We’re now fast approaching the end of January and it’s time for my pictures to move onto other pastures. You have until Saturday 30 January to visit Détí, have a lovely hot cup of something, maybe even a slice of cake, and see my exhibition before I take it down. You can find this gem of a café in C/Postigo de Zárate, 11, just up from Plaza Trinidad.

If you can’t make it, don’t worry! Because the lovely Laura Picinelli from Filobianco kindly stopped by the other day and took some pictures. A big thank you to Laura! So here are her photos of my art looking charmingly wonky (I promise I did hang everything with a spirit level…!) in situ in D’etí surrounded by studious bods sipping on hot drinks and enjoying a sweet treat. Put the kettle on and take a well-deserved tea break wherever you are!

Natasha x