How I Package & Send My Prints & Original Artworks on Paper

By September 8, 2015Buy My Art, Prints and Products

Hello! Something very exciting happened at the weekend- someone ordered one of my Alhambra prints from my Etsy shop! It’s always the best surprise when my phone pings to tell me a complete stranger has found and bought my work. It doesn’t matter how many times it happens, it truly never gets old!

I was down at the beach this weekend for a friend’s birthday so I got everything together this rainy Monday morning and started wrapping. As I was doing it I thought it would be a great opportunity to share with you how I wrap my prints and original artworks on paper to make sure they get to you safe and sound. So, here we go!

How I Package My Prints & Original Artworks on Paper

As you can no doubt guess from the name, the flyweight stiffener prevents the package from being bent or folded, while its lightness keeps the package weight down to save on postage – so I can put it towards more important things like paints, wine and books!

Now I slip the flyweight inside an acid-free cello sleeve and seal it to protect the art from any pesky moisture hanging around.

Other times I might add a handwritten thank you label. If you’re buying the artwork as a gift and want me to include a hand-written message from you, I’ll happily do that (as long as it’s short and sweet)!

Next, I tape down the seal for extra security. In Granada in gets pretty hot in the summer. One year I was taking a print to the post office to send on its way, but by the time I got there the heat had actually melted the strong adhesive on the envelope seal! So now I always double-seal it with some tape, in case of tropical climates or any other unexpected phenomenon! I then stick my logo on the front, and done! Ready to go to the post office!

Once I’ve sent your package I send you an Etsy convo or a message, depending on how you bought it, to let you know it’s on its way.

And that’s it! I hope you can see all the thought, time and care that goes into packaging every single artwork. I’m so happy that you like my art enough to make it part of your life, and I want you to feel just as excited when it arrives as I do when you buy it.

All my prints and original artworks on paper are carefully packaged in several layers of protection. First, I attach them to a flyweight stiffener using these nifty corner stickers purchased from a fellow Etsy seller. These keep the paper in place so it doesn’t move around during transit, preventing damage to the corners or edges of the artwork. It also makes it much easier for you to unwrap and handle the art without touching the image.

All my prints are titled, signed and dated on the back by me in pencil. There is also often a number, just for my own records.

Prints are sent with an A4 “about” sheet on the reverse of the flyweight with information about me and the purchased print. Original artworks are always accompanied by their signed certificate of authenticity.

Next, I carefully wrap the print up to make it pretty. Expect brightly-coloured wrapping paper and ribbons! I like to include a little token with my art if I can. If someone buys a print or original of Granada I’ll often slip in a cute polaroid-style postcard or a bookmark I get from a shop in the city centre.

Nearly done! Now I carefully seal the wrapped print inside a board-backed envelope to make it really hard to bend, just in case anyone is really determined!

How Well Is The Artwork Actually Protected?

The answer is: very well! A big worry when buying art on-line is that it’s going to get damaged in transit. I get that! As I hope you can see from the above description, I do my utmost to ensure this doesn’t happen.

I was actually able to (accidentally) test the resistance of my packaging when a client ordered a wedding gift from me for a friend. I wrapped the package and sent it off – it was sent by certified mail for extra security. It was shown as having arrived but when the recipients got back from holiday it was nowhere to be seen. We asked at both ends, me here in Spain, and the client in the U.S., but it was a complete mystery. In the end, this turned up at my door one day!

It turned out the building’s porter hadn’t done his job properly on several occasions, and he actually ended up being fired! So thankfully it had nothing to do with the postal service in either country. In any case, this package had been all the way around the world and back on a crazy six week journey, with a lot of handling in between! As you can see, it was pretty beaten up on the outside, but when I opened it up, the wrapping had done its job and the artwork was still in perfect condition.

Secure & Planet-Conscious Packaging

I have tried to strike the right balance between being environmentally friendly by using recycled and recyclable materials, and providing adequate protection for possible rough handling and the usual bumps and scrapes during transit.

Convenient For You

This way of packaging flat artwork is also very handy if you want to re-wrap it easily, for example to give as a present after looking at it yourself, or to take to a framer’s. You can just slip everything back into the cello sleeve, seal it and carry it in the envelope. Easy peasy!

Where I Buy My Packing Materials

I like to buy my p&p materials from small local shops or independent on-line sellers as much as possible to support freelancers and small businesses.

Worldwide Delivery

I offer free worldwide shipping on all prints and most original artworks! The postage method is included in the description. If you’d like to pay for an upgrade, just message me and we can work out the best option for you.

Postage Options

If you’re in a hurry, or buying a valuable original artwork, you might like to choose a different postage method to offer greater speed and/or security. In that case please convo me before purchase and we can discuss the available options according to your preferences and the destination country.

Customs Charges

International buyers are responsible for any duties or customs charges that may apply upon delivery. FYI, so far no-one has ever mentioned to me having to pay any customs charges.

Loss & Damage

I regret I can’t accept responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged artwork sent via standard post. If you would like to upgrade your postage method to include tracking or insurance then please contact me before purchase to discuss the options for your delivery destination. Please note that the only problem I have ever encountered with postage was the one above thanks to the below-par porter!

Refunds & Exchanges

I regret that I don’t offer returns or exchanges of prints or originals. This is to preserve the authenticity of my artwork as much as possible. I’m happy to send extra photos and answer any questions about an item you’re interested in so you can be sure it’s what you’re looking for before making a purchase.

Show Me Your Pictures!

I love to hear from you, and the best thing ever is when you send me photos of your art upon arrival or hanging in your home. It’s always so lovely to see it in your space! To share pictures with me you can email me, tag me in them, or post them to my social media – whatever you prefer!