Uplifting Travel Art for Happy Homes - Urban & Landscape Illustration


Illustration is the creation of visual art such as a drawing or a painting to accompany and complement an existing text. The purpose of an illustration is to enhance the information contained in the written word by acting as a visual rendering of the text or key elements of it.

My Illustration Ethos

As an illustrator I respect the text and strive to produce artwork that suits both the text’s content and feel. I believe that good illustration work adds value to the text and draws the reader’s attention to important points in the written word as opposed to just sitting alongside it. I really enjoy including specific details from the text in my illustrations so that the two elements become inseparable. In my opinion, an illustration that could be used over and over for different texts hasn’t accomplished its aim at all.

My Illustration Work

I specialise in creating playful landscapes, town scenes and cityscapes, real or imagined depending on what the job calls for. I am not a graphic designer. I do all my illustrations by hand on paper. To produce a digital image for printing the illustration is professionally scanned and colour corrected. My illustrations can be divided into two main categories:

Black and White Ink Illustrations

Colourful Watercolour Illustrations

Illustration Ideas

What might you want to employ me to illustrate?

  • Books.
  • Magazine articles.
  • Brochures.
  • Travel guides.
  • Online publications e.g. blogs.
  • Invitations for a special event e.g. a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary party or a corporate event.