My Interview with Filobianco on Granada Insider

Hi peeps! How are you enjoying this week? It’s hotting up here in Granada – looks like summer’s arrived early this year! There’s a saying: “Hasta el cuarenta de mayo no te quites el sayo”, which roughly translated is something like “Don’t take your jacket off until 40 May”. It tends to get hot here early on, then it turns chilly again, then it’s hot, and so on. Hence the warning not to leave your extra layers at home until 9 June. Well, it certainly feels like the 40th already!

I’m writing because I have news! I recently did a photoshoot and interview with Laura Picinelli, a fellow foreign creative in Granada, who has started her own brand of handmade bags and accessories – Filobianco. I translated the interview into English and it’s just been published on Granada Insider along with some of Laura’s photos of me modelling her beautiful creations. Check it out!