Uplifting Travel Art for Happy Homes - Urban & Landscape Illustration

About My Art

My speciality is creating playful landscapes, town scenes and cityscapes, often from life, sometimes from my imagination. I love the idea of the natural and man-made structures of our world being at play, of nature and all created things bouncing off each other, jostling for space in a game of “Tag, you’re it!” in a crowded city or leisurely sprawling across the open countryside like sleeping lions.

My Inspiration

It’s hard to explain what makes one place stand out to me more than another when it comes to whether I feel inspired to paint it or not. I think it’s more about the feel of a place, its character, rather than its beauty. Sometimes I’ll glance up a street or get a peak of a view and it just captures my imagination, there’s just something special about how all the different elements fit together that makes me want to put it on paper.

Telling Stories

Who doesn’t love a good story? I am drawn to capture places I know and love – Lyme Regis, Granada, for example – I suppose because there are so many memories, so many stories to draw upon. Ever since I was little I’ve loved stories, both being told and telling them, whether in verbal or visual form. All my artworks have a story behind them, ranging from long and meaningful to a snapshot of memory or a fleeting impression.


I genuinely love the process of making my art, but a big part of my job satisfaction comes from being able to share it with people, with you! Connecting with you through something I’ve made and knowing that it means something to you too is honestly just magical. It’s great when you send me photos of my art in its new home; it’s wonderful to think it’s now part of your space and everyday life. Thank you!