I painted this piece after going for a lovely stroll up through Granada’s Sacromonte neighbourhood to the San Miguel Alto church one morning. This painting was inspired by the beautiful view towards the Alhambra and over the city from the Sacromonte, part of which you can see winding its way up the hill to the right. This neighbourhood is the gypsy area of the city with a vibrant artistic and musical culture, as well as being known for its traditional cave houses hewn into the hillside.

Watercolour and ink on Arches hot pressed 300gsm // 140lb watercolour paper.
31 cm x 41 cm // approx 12″ x 16″
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In Progress

I worked according to my usual method: first I took time to draw out the composition in pencil. It’s important to get this step right as no amount of filling in can remedy an ugly composition! Once I was happy with the drawing I began building up the colour with layers of watercolour. Finally, when all the paint was down and dry I added the details in black ink.