This is an original painting (watercolour and ink on paper) of Broad Street, Lyme Regis. I used to live just outside of Lyme Regis and this is a street I walked (and later drove) up and down many a time – far too many to count – in all seasons. Shopping, trying on hats, looking at jewellery, buying cakes, walking to work, going to the cinema, having tea, meeting friends, eating fudge, going to the beach… The memories are endless! If you’ve been to Lyme you’ll know how packed this street can get, especially during the holidays. There is nothing quite so lovely as being fortunate enough to catch it unawares, quiet and at ease, with just the gentle sighing of the sea and the song of the seagulls as your soundtrack while you wander slowly down, relishing that rare chance to press pause, take your time and enjoy the view.

Work in Progress

The Original Painting

Watercolour and ink on Arches hot pressed 300gsm // 140lb watercolour paper.
26 cm x 18 cm // approx 10.25″ x 7″.
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