This is an original artwork (acrylic and ink on canvas) of the Carmen de la Media Luna in the Albaicín, Granada’s old town. You may be familiar with the word ‘Carmen’ as a Spanish girl’s name but perhaps you didn’t know it’s also the name given to a certain kind of building in Granada: a house with a garden consisting of a delicate balance between ornamental, orchard and vegetable plants. Easy to spot around the Albaicín, cármenes don’t boast an ostentatious exterior, in fact they are typically blocked from view by high, whitewashed walls and cascading vegetation. Their intricate beauty and lush gardens are hidden away for only the privileged few to enjoy. This is the Carmen de la Media Luna which you will find on a corner of the Cuesta de San Gregorio, the most common path up to the renowned viewpoint of the Alhambra: the Mirador de San Nicolás. If you get the chance to walk by, have a peek through the bars like this girl and see if you can catch a glimpse of the paradise within houses and cobbled streets.

I made this painting specially for my 2017 solo exhibition entitled “Cautivada por Granada” showing in the Enrique Seijas Gallery, Calle Frailes, 30, Granada (Spain).

The Original Painting

Acrylic and ink on canvas sprayed with several layers of protective matt varnish.
24cm x 19cm x 2cm // approx 9.45″ x 7.48″ x 0.79″.
The original painting has been sold.
No prints are available of this painting.


Photographer: Laura Picinelli

Photographer: Laura Picinelli

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