This is an original artwork (acrylic and ink on canvas) of the Barranco del Abogado neighbourhood in Granada, Spain. This steep uphill walk leads from the centre of town to the countryside just above the Alhambra. As you turn the corner after the steepest part of the climb you come across this enchanting house overflowing with leaves. If you are brave enough to battle the heat on a summer’s evening you are rewarded with a lovely sight: the last of the sun’s rays falling perfectly to illuminate the glass window in the door causing it to glow an intense ocean blue. It really is beautiful.

I made this painting specially for my 2017 solo exhibition entitled “Cautivada por Granada” showing in the Enrique Seijas Gallery, Calle Frailes, 30, Granada (Spain).

The Original Painting

Acrylic and ink on canvas sprayed with several layers of protective matt varnish.
24cm x 19cm x 2cm // approx 9.45″ x 7.48″ x 0.79″.
The original painting has been sold.
No prints are available of this painting.


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