The Story

I created this piece especially for the Incredible Exploding Pomegranate Exhibition hosted in two locations in Granada, Spain, by La Conca Arts Club. The organisers’ inspiration behind the exhibition was the International Year of Light, with the theme being set as light and art.

The composition of this painting was based on the Carrera de la Virgen street in Granada’s city centre. I had actually had the outline sketched out on the canvas for quite a while but I couldn’t quite picture where I wanted to go with it, so it just sat there patiently waiting for me. This exhibition was the push that I needed to take it from rough sketch to reality.

This street is quite a famous one in Granada, and one of my favourites. If you know Granada then I’m sure you’re familiar with it. Imagine you are walking down from the city centre towards the Corte Inglés department store. You have just passed the Fuente de las Batallas fountain on your left and you are positioned to the right of the tree-lined boulevard. Stop for a second, close your eyes…

Now open them and look up.

You can see the trees to your left, and on the opposite side the Corte Inglés backed by the Virgen de Las Angustias church. In the distance you can make out the library building and a few of the riverside park trees, backed by the Sierra Nevada. Up and beyond, only sky.

Cars and motos pass by, but you don’t really notice them. The busy foreground melts away into the whispering of leaves, the refreshing mist from the nearby fountain floating on the gentle breeze, the embers of the lazy afternoon sun illuminating the mountains and bathing the buildings in that early evening light that softens edges, blends away imperfections and transforms grey into a slowly evolving pastel rainbow.

That is Granada’s glow.

 The Painting

Acrylic on canvas.
50 x 65 x 1.5 cm // 19.7 x 25.6 x 0.6 inches
This original painting is for sale. It comes with its very own certificate of authenticity, signed by me. Contact me for more details. No prints are available of this piece.


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