Here in Granada summer is very nearly if not already upon us! Temperatures this week are climbing ever higher and I’m beginning to plan my errands around avoiding the worst hours of the beating sun. I feel a world away from Lyme right now. I have many happy memories of Lyme Regis beach in all sorts of weather. For this painting, however, I was remembering those summer days spent down at the beach huts watching the world go by while taking a break from bodyboarding at high tide or exploring the rock pools when the sea withdrew leaving some of its treasures behind.

Lyme has changed since my days playing there. I still remember its beach as being quaint and slightly rugged, divided by slimy wooden breakers, rather than the neat expanse of sand and stones as it lies today. There was a rustic, old-town quality I loved about Lyme’s previous beach front. It was so easy to imagine the historical and literary characters Lyme is famed for strolling along with their top hats and parasols. However, change happens and so it must, especially when it is to preserve and protect what is such a beautiful and well-loved seafront. In this painting I sought to combine these two Lymes by marrying the present day with the past in an attempt to capture the magic of Lyme Regis seafront where the old meets the new. If only the weather-beaten walls of the houses could talk they would tell it all, and the sea would agree.

Work in Progress

The Original Painting

Watercolour and ink on Arches hot pressed 300gsm // 140lb watercolour paper.
31 cm x 41 cm // approx 12″ x 16″
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