This is an original painting (watercolour and ink on paper) of Procida, one of the three islands in the Bay of Naples, Italy. Seemingly much less well-known than its neighbours Capri and Ischia, this little island of only 4km is breathtakingly beautiful! I was looking for somewhere colourful and lively to paint as part of my #NatashaPaintsTheWorld project and I happened across this secret treasure. I love looking at houses like this and wondering about the life stories behind each door and shuttered window. Let’s just say my list of places to visit is growing by the week!


Work in Progress

The Original Painting

Watercolour on Arches hot pressed 300gsm // 140lb watercolour paper.
26 cm x 18 cm // approx 10.25″ x 7″.
The original painting has been sold.
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