This is an original artwork (acrylic and ink on canvas) of the Puerta de las Granadas in the city centre of Granada, Spain. The Puerta de las Granadas connects the Cuesta de Gomérez with Alhambra’s forest. In the summer heat it might not be very tempting to do that uphill walk but the street is lovely and once you’re in the cool shade of the trees you’ll see it was so worth the climb! My painting shows the view looking downhill through the main archway to the colourful houses below.

I made this painting specially for my 2017 solo exhibition entitled “Cautivada por Granada” showing in the Enrique Seijas Gallery, Calle Frailes, 30, Granada (Spain).

The Original Painting

Acrylic and ink on canvas sprayed with several layers of protective matt varnish.
16cm x 24cm x 2cm // approx 6.3″ x 9.45″ x 0.79″.
The original painting has been sold.
No prints are available of this painting.


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