This is an original watercolour painting of Montmartre (Paris) with the Sacre Coeur rising up between the buildings in the distance. As you may know, most of my paintings to date have been of Granada and Lyme Regis, with a few exceptions. Recently I decided to branch out and paint places from all over the world – travelling through art!

I’ve been wanting to paint Paris for a little while now and as much as I would love to just hop on a plane and go in search of the perfect spot to paint, this time I had to settle for Google as my memories from my last trip to Paris just weren’t enough. Thankfully I found just what I was looking for on Kat Knapp’s website Catnaps in Transit. Kat describes herself as “a 22-year old student pilot and journalist from Australia living in France”. She’s currently visited 56 countries and 7 continents. It’s no surprise then that I found the perfect picture to get me inspired on her guide to visiting the Montmartre district and the Sacre Coeur: Magnificent Montmartre. So thank you, Kat! Once I had found my muse I set to work.

Work in Progress

The Original Painting

Watercolour on Arches hot pressed 300gsm // 140lb watercolour paper.
26 cm x 18 cm // approx 10.25″ x 7″.
The original painting has been sold.
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